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Table Of Contents:

Quarterly Master Plan

1 New Businesses

 3 Events!

3 Promotions!

Pros & Cons of Free Consultations


By Krysta Bell

Listen While You Check Out This Months Happenings!

Earth Tending!

Schedule Your $35 Review!

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Introducing 1 new Businesses!

Harmony Woods Retreat Center

Beacon Ancestry, Visit Them Today!


Local Events from our Inspired Businesses!

DreamScape Consciousness

Dream Retreat in January!

Great Holiday Gift idea, or treat yourself to the much appreciated Self-Care for 2024

Deep Roots Life School

Earth Tending's Spiritual  Mentor, Visit Them Today!

Dance and Yoga every Thursday in January at 5:30.

Both dancing with community and dancing in whatever way feels right to you are ultimately therapeutic in our often-disconnected lifestyles.

Come dance in a safe space with loving people!

Photo Memories Preserved

Dive into the art of storytelling with our 2-class DIY Storybook series!

Unleash your creativity and master the technical aspects of crafting a personalized storybook. Start documenting your life's journey and leave a legacy that lasts.

Join us on this inspiring adventure!


Gathering Thyme Movement

Earth Rising Sanctuary, Visit Them Today!

Last chance to join the Class that begins 2025 and graduates 2026!

Our previous students rave about the life changing difference this course inspires in their lives. Gathering Thyme Movement is honored to witness the growth that happens in our students and the intimate connection created with in our community.

Kate Sklyarov


Let 2024 be THE year for you and your family!

Let's personalize a game plan that fits your needs!

Coffee of the Month

Maiden Rock ~ Light Roast

Lakeside Coffee, Visit Them Today!

Order On Website!

(Options for Free Shipping!)

Maiden Rock is A full Body City Roast, A unique blend of Columbian, Kenya, Guatemalan, and Nicaraguan Beans

Marketing Rebel on YouTube


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August, 2023

Gratitude, Gratitude, Love

Kristy / Krysta Bell / Krissy Bear


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