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We are a community of talented business owners,
who are happy to help you follow your dreams and meet your goals!

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Advertise With Us and Receive:

  • Your ad in our Digital Directory
  • Your ad shared on our Social Media every month
  • Opportunities to share a Promotion or Event in our Muse Letter
Read on to learn about our achievements as well as our numbers!
Keep in mind 2021 was our first year!

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We create your ad for free!

Then we place it one of the categories on our website for one year!

(Note: You can create your own ad at the size of 7" wide x 4.5" tall)

2021 we averaged 206 views per month, in the

1st quarter of 2022, we are averaging 307 views per month! 


These are all warm leads. 

People we know,

people meeting us

and us!

Our goal is to maintain our system and focus on our customers!

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We introduce you to our audience on Facebook
and share your ad every month. 


2021 we reached an average of 1,500 views per month, in the

1st quarter of 2022, we reached an average of 2,500 views per month! 

Note: Last year we created a system for sharing, liking, tagging, and commenting

so that each ad for Inspired Business receives 100 views / month. 

Our Goal is to maintain this system through the flowerbed season and amplify in the fall. 


We share your ad on Instagram every month. 


2021 we reached an average of 180 views per month, in the 

1st quarter of 2022, we reached an average of 330 views per month! 

Note: Last year we created a profile and learned about hashtags.  

Our Goal is to meet people and build our audience

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Muse Letter

You are invited to share your promotions or events in our blog! 


In the 1st quarter of 2022, we reached an average of 166 views per month! 

Note: 2021 we started with email marketing, moved it to a blog,

and then at the end of the year we launched our Muse Letter.

Our Goal is to run a survey on content and integrate your marketing feedback

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Why is it so affordable?

Because we are also flowerbed specialist,
we can afford to follow our dreams!
By introducing our audience to a wide variety of businesses
we inspire connections that benefit everyone.
So many businesses need advertising and can't afford it.
Or can afford, but then they don't see a profit on the other side.
With us you can test your promotions and ads
in our market and get feedback before investing effort or money
into higher priced advertising.

"I love promoting, complementing, and cheering on young businesses!"
About Krysta Bell
I’m a good-natured Sales Lady
with a talent for promotion!
 I plan on being a sales lady
for the rest of my life.
I have integrity in those I promote
and a love for my audience!
Are you ready to advertise with us? 

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