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About Me!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

About Me!

By Krysta Bell

Listen While You Shop!

Check Out This Muse Letter!

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Table Of Contents:

50% off Business Mentoring

2 New Businesses!

4 Events!

4 Promotions!

Overcoming The Salesman Stigma



Quarterly, Bi-Annual, & Annual Advertising Memberships!

Earth Tending!

Appreciation Celebration!

SALE: Save 50% on Business Mentoring with Krysta Bell

When you pre-pay for 6 or 12 (1.5) hour sessions!

Or $35 for a 30 minute Inspiration Consultation


Introducing 2 new Businesses!

Kate Sklyarov

Beacon Ancestry, Visit Them Today!

Photo Memories Preserved


Local Events from our Inspired Businesses!

Blooming Lotus Hypnosis

You're invited to our Hypnotic Day Dream Sound Bath!

November 25th

That Good Green Witch

Earth Tending's Spiritual  Mentor, Visit Them Today!

November 4th & 5th

Our next event will be at CVHS fall craft fair all day, all weekend, November 4 & 5! On Sullivan Road in Spokane Valley. New candles, bracelets, macramé, crystals, and more!

Kate Sklyarov

Free Financial Workshop!

November 4th

4:00 pm

At Lyfe Public House - 116 E. Lakeside Ave Cda

Photo Memories Preserved

Open House!

November 8th 6pm - 7:30pm

Get a sneak peek into the incredible world of digital photo organization!

Savor some wine and nibble on delicious bites as you discover the magic of preserving your digital memories!


Inner Spirit


Crystals, Infiniti Scarves, Onesies, Shirts, Coffee Mugs and MORE!

DreamScape Conciousness

DreamGroup By Zoom!

Every Thursday from 5:30 - 7:30pm

Gathering Thyme Movement

Earth Rising Sanctuary, Visit Them Today!

Next Class Begins January 5th

To consecrate something is to make it sacred.

This one year course is an opportunity for you to find, define, and design your personal mission, in a way that is unique to you!

Coffee of the Month

Chimney Rock ~ Dark Roast

Lakeside Coffee, Visit Them Today!

Order On Website!

(Options for Free Shipping!)

As this majestic rock stands; reach the heights of your taste buds. With premium Central and South American beans blend with Indonesian beans we arrive at a dark roasted, extremely smooth cup with hints of mocha.

Marketing Rebel on YouTube


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August, 2023

Gratitude, Gratitude, Love

Kristy / Krysta Bell / Krissy Bear


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