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Life is How You Paint It!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

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Life is How You Paint It!

By Krysta Bell

~ Ode to the power of perspective!

I really, truly love my life.

I see MY NOW as an accumulation of all my hopes and dreams coming true.

Last year, I had an epiphany about the difference between

a 'critic' and a 'benefit of the doubter'.

I appreciate feedback, critiques, and advance notice to bridges that I may have to cross.

I am a benefit of the doubter.

My dreams and goals do not fit into the box of a 'Realist.'

The realists tend to critique as to why my ideas and dreams are unattainable,

only for me to 'Divine Timing' my way into EVERY dream I have ever dreamt!

As a Sales trick, my benefit of the doubt becomes a Super Power!

Which brings me to this months 'Sales Trick:

'Life Is How We Paint It!'

Whenever I train a new sales person,

the first lesson is to never let the "No's!" affect your mood.

This is where the power of perspective makes all the difference!

Lets say, for every 12 people you talk to, 1 will be a sale (or possible sale).

When 11 people tell you "no" in a row, a sense of doubt creeps into

your language,

your tone,

and your body,

thus blowing the opportunity for a "Yes" amongst the "No's."

People can feel doubt.

Empower yourself by recognizing that each 'no' is step closer to that 'yes'!

Focus on the quest for the person you where meant to meet,

the one who can use your services!

It is easier to sell to someone who can use your services,

then to 'talk' to them into something they do not want!

And it is perfectly normal that not everyone needs what you have to offer.

But each person is an opportunity for you to smile while you work.

If life is how you paint it, I prefer to paint mine with smiles and people!

I'm inspired by every business we promote!

What an honor it is to be part of so many dreams coming true!

Kristy / Krysta Bell / Krissy Bear

April 2022

Introducing New Businesses & Ad Renewals!

What The Wind Blew In

'What The Wind Blew In' by Lynne Pulizzi is an extraordinary read!

Desert Jewels Nursery

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Promotions From Our Inspired Businesses!

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A Spirital Touch

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Gratitude Gratitude Love

Kristy / Krysta Bell / Krissy Bear


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