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Business Mentoring
With Krysta Bell! 

I am an advocate for Salesy People and is happy to share my tricks of the trade!

How's Business?

Could You Use A Cheer Leader? 

I'm happy To Help You Showcase Your Talents!

I am a PROUD Saleslady with 22 years of experience! 

My Motto has always been:

I plan on being a Sales Lady in this town for the rest of my life.

If I worked for a company then INTEGRITY mattered to me. 

I was a rebel who flat out refused to use some of the 'Sales Tricks'

On the other hand I learned that most tricks are Skills of The Trade!

Skills that don't always come easy. 

It can be a discouraging path, selling a product or service. 

And I'm here to help! 

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What area's would you like to focus on? 

Each Series has 3 programs. 

In our first meeting you will highlight your needs

and create an individualized plan for the best way to integrate your strategy! 

Vision Series

Future Vison / Quarterly Master Plan / Master Scheduling


Creation Series

Business Strategy / Landing Pages / Law of Attraction


Exposure Series

Word of Mouth / Social Media / Dancing with the Numbers

Customer Series

Building Rapport / Customer Service / Easy Flow System

Let's create your individualized plan!

Text or Message me to schedule your first meeting!

Krysta Bell / Earth Tending



An Earth Tending Business

Krysta Bell is one of the hardest working people I know. She genuinely cares about her customers, listens to their needs, and works with them to form the best plan of action. She shares her insights and has helped me tremendously with working through both business and personal situations. I highly recommend working with her!

- Angie Conrow - Beacon Ancestry

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