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Wishes For Wishing

Wishes For Wishing, May 2023 Muse Letter

Wishes For Wishing

Sometimes, I make wishes without realizing that wishes come true.

Sometimes I wish in sadness, wishing my wishes so blue.

I love to go star gazing when my life needs a new point of view.

While stars hurl themselves across the sky,

I wish for wishes to come true.

As the music blares through the midnight air, my soul rumbles on que.

My toes wriggle, my inspiration ignites, I kick off my tennis shoes.

I dance barefoot in the night inspired by my break through.

All the wishes I ever wished flood into my mind two by two.

I dance with each one until I stop and wonder....

"Now did I wish that? or did You?"

~ by Krysta Bell, 2012

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Deep Roots Life School


King Realty

Your CBD Store

DreamScape Consciousness

Earth Rising Sanctuary

Gathering Thyme Movement


Terra Garden

Coffee of the Month by Lakeside Coffee

Earth Tending News & Sales

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Deep Roots Life School

Deep Roots Life School, Visit Them Today!

Deep Roots Life School teaches young people about:

Wilderness Skills, Family Workshops, Summer Camps, Fire By Friction, Plant Medicine, Foraging Adventures, Bird Languages, Ice Age Flood Exploration, Physical Health Modalities, Mental Health Modalities, Edible Mushrooms, Wildcrafting and More!

Inspired Businesses hosting Events

Local Events from our Inspired Businesses!

King Realty

King Realty, Visit Them Today!

Grand Opening Party, May 3rd, 3pm - 6pm.

Join us as we celebrate King Realty's newest location. 3731 N Ramsey Rd, Cda, ID. We are located right next to Ramsey Park. Come enjoy this free event. There will be wine, small bites and LIVE music.

There are very exciting prizes too!

Your CBD Store

Your CBD Store, Visit Them Today!

Coffee Meet Networking Event, May 5th, 8am - 9am.

@ 3904 E. Mullen, Post Falls Idaho

Idaho's highest quality CBD. We help what ails you.

DreamScape Consciousness