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Waters Salvation!

Waters Salvation!

Easy Tricks to Saving Water

By Krysta Bell

Importance, water is in all things.

Our bodies are at least 3/4 water,

3/4 of the Earth's surface is covered in water.

Clean water means healthy bodies and a healthy Earth.

Ancient cultures ended in plagues due to unclean water conditions.

Let us learn from history in hopes of influencing our future.

Lesson One

Keep clean water clean.

When we send clean water down the drain,

it mixes with all of our dirty water and becomes dirty.

Instead of watching the water run down the drain,

Catch it!

Easy ways to catch clean water;

1. Water pitcher by the sink

2. Glass by the bathroom sink

3. A gallon bucket by the bathtub

Lesson Two

It might not be push button easy,

but it is pour water easy.

Put clean water to use;


Put a big plant in the kitchen,

pour water on the plant instead of down the drain.

Kids love to water plants, give them their own plant.


Store clean water for drinking and cooking.


Use clean water for cooking noodles and broths for soup.

Rinsing Dishes:

Save the water it takes for the tap to heat up and

then pour it over sudsy dishes.

Throw It In Your Yard:

At least the grass and plants can drink it. Keeps it clean!


Store your bath water in a bucket.

Next time you use the bathroom I get a free flush.

Pour the water from the bucket into the toilet bowl,

when it gets full enough it automatically flushes.

One gallon; easy. Every single gallon counts.

Lesson Three

A little bit of consideration goes a long way.

I encourage you to integrate water saving tricks in your home.

Piece together a few tricks of your own.

When you catch a gallon of water,

you also save yourself a trip to the tap to get more,

thus saving us two gallons.

So for every two gallons of water we catch,

we actually save four.

We really do make a difference.

Every action has a reaction,

whether you choose to save water

or waste water you are creating an influence.

A gallon of water is easy to save.

You can choose to save a cup a day,

or five gallons, either way you are saving water.

Be proud of yourself.

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