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Ode to Being a Tree

Ode To Being a Tree

To spend all your days soaking in your habitat.

To feel the sun slowly pass over the bits of your body.

Your only chore is to balance.

To feel gravity at your core and sway into a stillness.

To never have to work for water or nutrients,

but to only wish and reach.

To dance in the wind.

To see the depths of the forest at the same time as the horizon.

Ode to being a tree

A life of





Krysta Bell - 2021

Check out This Muse Letter!

Table Of Contents:

Terra Garden

Lapis Sky

New Leaf Nursery

Desert Jewels Nursery

The Soft Spark Hypnosis

Chrysalis: Crystals for the Soul & Inner Spirit


Aunt Debba's Rocks

Courtney & Company

Coffee of the Month by Lakeside Coffee

NEW Advertising Packages!

Introducing New Businesses and Ad Renewals!

Terra Garden

Happy to Introduces the New Flowerbed Specialists in Town!

Lapis Sky

Yellow Dock is the plant of focus for the next Lapis Sky offering! Saturday, November 5th, two sessions are offered both morning and evening. Meadowbrook Community Hall, Coeur d'Alene

Local Events from our Inspired Businesses!

New Leaf Nursery

Fall Festival! October 7-9, Family-Friendly event

with local food trucks, artist booths, kid activities, a petting zoo

and so much more! Free Admission!

Desert Jewels Nursery

End of Season Sale! October 7th & 8th from 9 AM to 5 PM (PST). No appointment needed. Lots of plants available! 15% off most plants. Further discounts on selected species. 9809 East Upriver Drive Spokane, WA

The Soft Spark Hypnosis

Creating Ultimate Confidence Group Hypnosis Session via Zoom.

11 AM (PST), October 29, roughly 2 hours.

Collaboration with Anna Grabow!

Chrysalis: Crystals for the Soul

Will be at Northtown Mall each weekend from Nov 4th until Christmas Eve! We have crystals, Oracle decks, Palo Santo, White Sage, singing bowls, Blessing Salt, Protection Powder and Cedar for sale.

Promotions From Our Inspired Businesses!

Marketing Coach

We offer you our very own Marketing Coach.

We help build you build your own: campaign strategy, ad, and website!


We have Specials Every Month!

Reach Out to Me and I will get you the Best Price Possible!

Aunt Debba's Rocks

$500 for a 2 night Air B&B with Rock Workshop.

Go on your own rock adventures in NW Oregon/SW Washington,

come back to a warm place and a rock workshop to process your rocks!

Later, after the work is done, sit by the campfire and relax.

Courtney & Company

Booking live music at your restaurant, wedding, private party or bar!

Coffee of the Month

Hoodoo Brew ~ Medium Blend

A magical blend of Central American beans.

Exciting News!

We just got Our New Office Space!

Check Out Our New Advertising Packages!


Gratitude Gratitude Love

Kristy / Krysta Bell / Krissy Bear


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