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For The Love Of Tulips

For The Love Of Tulips, June 2023 Muse Letter

New Voice Recording of For The Love Of Tulips!

Check Out This Muse Letter!

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Table Of Contents:

Marketing Workshops, Reserve Your Spot!

Desert Jewels Nursery

Gathering Thyme Movement

DreamScape Consciousness

Deep Roots Life School

Soul Sprinkles

Aunt Debba's Rocks

King Realty

Your CBD Store

Earth Rising Sanctuary

Inner Spirit

Terra Garden

Coffee of the Month by Lakeside Coffee

For The Love of Tulips

Earth Tending Current Sales and News

Our Current Exciting News!

Marketing Workshops

Attracting Business, A Marketing Workshop

Attracting Business begins this week!

Now offering Thursday classes & Tuesday classes

Featured 'Inspired Businesses' with Earth Tending

We are Excited to Introduce these

New or Renewing Businesses!

Desert Jewels Nursery

Desert Jewels Nursery, Visit Them Today!

Now Open!

'Inspired Businesses' joining the Spirit Rising Festival with Earth Tending

We are Excited to Promote the Inspired Businesses Joining Us at the Spirit Rising Festival!

Gathering Thyme Movement

Gathering Thyme Movement, 3rd Annual Festival,  Visit Them Today!

Mark Your Calendars! June 24th!

Join us as we Celebrate with Community!

Courtney Riddle & Company will be Playing from 3pm - 5pm

We will have Businesses Presenting throughout the day!

DreamScape Consciousness

DreamScape Consciousness, Visit Them Today!

Book Launch at the Spirit Rising Festival!

Come by my booth and check out my Book & Inspirational Cards!

Books will be available for pre-sale, or if arriving in time for sale!

Deep Roots Life School

Deep Roots Life School, Visit Them Today!

Join Deep Roots Life School on Facebook for a chance to win a giveaway valued at $400!

Come check them out at the Spirit Rising Festival to learn about the amazing opportunities they are promoting!

Soul Sprinkles

Soul Sprinkles, Visit Them Today!

Come by my booth at the Spirit Rising Festival for Soul Sprinkles!

Aunt Debba's Rocks

Aunt Debba's Rocks, Visit Them Today!

My Mobile Lapidary will be at the Spirit Rising Festival!

Follow my page to see where I will be while I am in town!

Your CBD Store

Your CBD Store, Visit Them Today!

The First 10 people to visit the Earth Tending Booth at Spirit Rising Festival receive Free CBD Samples.

Visit our store, mention Earth Tending and save $10!

Located at - 3904 E. Mullen, Post Falls Idaho

Local Events from our Inspired Businesses!

Earth Rising Sanctuary

Earth Rising Sanctuary, Visit Them Today!


JUNE 9-11th & JULY 14-16th.

Follow this link to see the Healing Arts for each!

'Inspired Businesses' with their current Promotions

Promotions From Our Inspired Businesses!

Inner Spirit

Inner Spirit, Visit Them Today!

Inner Spirit now has a Spiritual Support/Discussion Group!

Hosted at the Healing Boutique in Spokane Valley (across from Winco). It'll be the 1st Sunday of each month at 11:15am (after Meditation). Suggested donation $2.00

Terra Garden

Terra Garden, Visit Them Today!

We are ready to create the patio or yard of your dreams!

We offer services from landscape and hardscape design all the way to install and maintenance. We will take care of the mowing, weed control and garden bed services.

Coffee of the Month

Canyon Creek Cinnamon ~ Something Roast

Lakeside Coffee, Visit Them Today!

Lakeside Coffee will be at the Spirit Rising Festival!!

They are sponsoring the FUNd for Freedom Block Party on June 17th

(At Crown Pointe Park w. Renshaw Ave, Post Falls 2pm - 7pm)

Coffee of the Month is Canyon Creek Cinnamon:

$1 of every sale goes to the FUNd for Freedom Fundraiser

For The Love Of Tulips, June 2023 Muse Letter

For The Love of Tulips

I look back on my life and I see the flower that

I was in love with at the time;

Bee Balm, Quince, Roses,

This time of my life is rich with love for Tulips!

Tulips remind me of my relationships!

From far away they are so pretty!

You cannot deny the simplicity and uniform perfection seen in a row of tulips.

When you get up close and personal with a tulip,

she is far from simple or similarity -

event amongst the same variety.

Each lady has her own set of stripes,

her own magnificent shapes & colors, all symmetrical and random at the same time.

I have been blessed with a wide variety of

friends, family & community.

Wherever I go I feel loved, heard, and understood.

But mostly appreciated, respected and again, loved.

That is how my friendships look from a distance, the pretty row.

A community of simplicity and uniform perfection.

When I get up close and personal with my friends,

They are far from simple or perfect.

Each relationship has its own set of magnificence and forgiveness.

Seemingly random encounters turn into symmetrical moments

of hugs, laughter, and encouragement.

I am a lucky lady to be surrounded by such greatness.

And while tulips only bloom in the spring,

friendships bloom with laughter!

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June, 2023

Gratitude, Gratitude, Love

Earth Tending Crew!

Kristy / Krysta Bell / Krissy Bear


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