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An Endeavor of Love

An Endeavor of Love


2022 was an adventurous year for me!

I had expected to travel, spend time with my loved ones, work on my

gardening business and expand our directory of inspired businesses!

What I did not expect was to sell my gardening business, rent an office,

and invest full time into our directory!

I woke up one morning sore from gardening and running behind on

promoting all those who list their businesses in our directory. I had the thought

"I'm going to sell my gardening business!"

It took a lot of work and a lot of tweaking my promotion, but

then the sweetest couple found me. As much as I needed money, I also needed

the right person to buy it. I care deeply about my customers and my pet plants.

Terra Garden was perfect!

I had planned on running the business out of my home, when an incredible

opportunity for an office came my way! And boy do I love my office!

It is filled with love, laughter, inspiration, and plants!

I love promoting businesses!

So I started an Online Directory.

I love helping businesses promote themselves!

So I started Marketing Workshops.

I love learning about businesses!

So I started a Weekly Networking Coffee Club

I love offering Spiritual Counsel!

So I started Heartfelt Sermons.

I love sharing my writings in blogs!

So I started our Muse Letter!

I love public speaking!

So I started a YouTube channel.

I love running a booth at events!

So I will start attending events this year.

I love these things because each of them is an opportunity to fill my life

with the joy of friendship!

I'm proud of myself for stepping so fearlessly into my dreams!

I appreciate how much people care about me!

My goal for 2023 is to expand this business 10 fold,

and profit in a way that we all have financial freedom!

In this Muse Letter we are promoting all that we do!

You can help us succeed by:


Referring Friends,

Attending our Events,

~ Krysta Bell

Check out This Muse Letter!

Table Of Contents:

American National Insurance

Coffee of the Month by Lakeside Coffee

Our Networking Event!

Marketing Workshops

Spiritual Mentor

Our Gratitude Sale!

Inspired Business Directory

Advertise With Us

Graphic Design

Garden Instructor

Our New YouTube Channel!

Introducing New Businesses and Renewals!

American National Insurance

Everybody RAVES about Helen Mossman Bryant

and her TOP NOTCH customer service!

Coffee of the Month

Strong Creek ~ Dark Blend

Just as Strong Creek flows through and energizes the city of Hope,

these Nicaraguan beans bring you a smooth cup full

of strength for the day at hand.

Local Events from our Inspired Businesses!

Our Networking Event!

Fridays at 2:30pm (PST)

Join us at our Office for our Networking Club,

Marketing Workshops

SALE: 50% off!

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1:30 pm & 3:00pm

Text or call to Schedule Your Workshop!.


Spiritual Mentor

SALE: Save 50% on Spiritual Counsel or a Day Retreat!

Expires 2/1/22

Promotions From Our Inspired Businesses!

Our Gratitude Sale!

Check out Our Gratitude Sale's before they End!

Inspired Business Directory

Check out Our Inspired Businesses Directory,

which showcases a wide variety of services & products!

Advertise With Us

Check out Our Annual Memberships

and List Your Business on Our Directory!

Graphic Design

Check out Our Graphic Design portfolio to see all of Our Beautiful Work.

Garden Instructor

Check out Our Garden Instructor page

to Learn how to Keep your Pet Plants Happy.

Exciting News!

Our New Youtube Channel!

Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel to see our updates throughout the Month.


Please Share, Subscribe, Follow, and Refer Friends to Our Many Services!

January, 2023

Gratitude, Gratitude, Love

Earth Tending Crew!

Kristy / Krysta Bell / Krissy Bear


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