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I offer Heartfelt Sermons of  Positivity, Inspiration, and Insight. 

I am Passionate about listening to Peoples Troubles & Triumphs.

I offer Consultations & Celebrations Unique to Your Beliefs!

  Spiritual Mentoring   is an Investment in:


Your Self

Your Dreams

Your Goals

Your Past

Your Present

Your Future

Honoring Your Spiritual Space!

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Community Gatherings

A Safe Space Where We:Seek to Understand,We Care about People,We Give the Freedom to do Great Things,We Appreciate One Another.

A Community Gathering where You are Invited to Speak Your Unique Spiritual Language.


 Mini Retreats 

You Spend so much time doing for others, it is important to have moments that are all about You!


 One-on-One Mentoring 

Who do You Choose to Be?

What do You Want in Life?

What do You Need Right Now?

Often, we have our own answers

we just need to be heard and inspired!

The Search for Inner Love

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I am Ordained, and I Honor Your Unique Beliefs. 

I offer Baptisms & Ceremonies Designed around your Spirituality! 


Visit Our Events!

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Spiritual Counsel / Spiritual Mentor

"I'm feeling so much gratitude right now! I just had a Muse Meeting with Krysta Bell and let me tell you... she is fantastic. A true muse. 
She helped me find so much clarity, even in things I already felt really clear! 
She helped me become aware of exactly how and where I was shutting down so that I could breathe life back into myself, believe in myself and my ability to truly live this life I seek! 
I cant say thank you enough Krysta you are so amazing and I am so looking forward to working with you in the future. I cant wait to unleash the part of myself that was just set free. 
I am so blessed. 
Divinely guided and lovingly held. So much love."

- Rowan Endres

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