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A Happy Solstice Poem

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

A Happy Solstice Poem

The Winter solstice is when our nights are at their longest

and days are at their shortest.

This is a natural cycle for all who live on Earth

and a magical time for humans.


As we retreat into that dark and silent place inside our self,

we seek the wants and needs that only we can know.

We speak toward a new year

for tomorrow we will have more light.

Today we sow seeds inside our self.

I pray you all are kind.

Plant seeds of love

Be courageous in knowing who you are!

Come spring the seeds will have flipped

The roots will grow

The leaf will sprout

You are a natural beauty

The same as the tree, bird, and bug!

So please be kind

Be gentle with yourself

Smile - Sparkle - Hug!

Krysta Bell


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