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God's Hug

God's Hug, July 2023 Muse Letter

Voice Recording of God's Hug

Check Out This Muse Letter!

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*Beacon Ancestry*

*Aunt Debba's Rocks*

*Earth Rising Sanctuary*

Earth Tending

DreamScape Consciousness*

*Terra Garden*

*Blooming Lotus Hypnosis*

*Coffee of the Month by Lakeside Coffee*

God's Hug

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Marketing Workshops

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Beacon Ancestry

Beacon Ancestry, Visit Them Today!

Beacon Ancestry is top notch!

Angie Conrow is so passionate about genealogy that I find myself intrigued to learn more about my ancestors!

Aunt Debba's Rocks

Aunt Debba's Rocks, Visit Them Today!

Aunt Debba's Rocks offers jewelery and raw material.

Follow her blog for updates about her workshops!

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Earth Rising Sanctuary

Earth Rising Sanctuary, Visit Them Today!

Healing Gathering, July 14th-16th.

Healing Arts, Gardening and Green Ways of Health and Living, Drum Circle and More!

Follow this link to see all the vendors and other details!

Earth Tending

Earth Tending's Spiritual  Mentor, Visit Them Today!

Joining Earth Rising Sanctuary's Healing Gathering in July!

I am Passionate about listening to Peoples Troubles & Triumphs.

I offer Consultations & Celebrations Unique to Your Beliefs!

DreamScape Consciousness

DreamScape Consciousness, Visit Them Today!

Joining Earth Rising Sanctuary's Healing Gathering in July!

Hosting Summer Dream Retreat! July 22nd & 23rd.

Learn more by Texting Aurora Hill with questions @ 208-640-0660 or visiting her website below.

'Inspired Businesses' with their current Promotions

Promotions From Our Inspired Businesses!

Terra Garden

Terra Garden, Visit Them Today!

We are ready to create the patio or yard of your dreams!

We offer services from landscape and hardscape design all the way to install and maintenance. We will take care of the mowing, weed control and garden bed services.

Blooming Lotus Hypnosis

Blooming Lotus Hypnosis, Visit Them Today!

Schedule your free consultation & transform your life!

Coffee of the Month

Golden Mountain ~ Light Roast

Lakeside Coffee, Visit Them Today!

Much like being atop Gold Mountain, while drinking this coffee, one could easily find themselves in a state of sublimity. This roast is a blend of African and South American beans and sparkles with a bright acidity and notes of toasted caramel.

God's Hug, July 2023 Muse Letter

God's Hug

The other day, I texted a friend to be sure she was ok. My heart swelled with love and inspiration, so I began writing these upcoming texts.

This moment ended being a powerful spiritual experience.

Here is the text from me to my very good friend:

"I have a firm belief. When I pray for people, I never tell God what I think they need;

instead, I just send them light, and love, and they can do with it what they please. I trust them to speak their needs to their form of The Great Spirit!

This is why I felt the need to tell you my prayer. I spoke my needs to my God; my need, out of love for you, was sleep. The opportunity for you to reset. And for you to know full heartedly.... My love for you.

I worry I say to much. But as I write... I cry.... Maybe it is because prayers are never answered one at a time.

I too, could use a sleep reset. And quite possibly I should take a moment to feel the love you have for me."

On a side note: I let this sweet lady next door use my recycling bin, for a few years now she helps herself.

So Here I am a teary mess, oblivious to my surroundings, texting in the shade of my tree.

"Excuse me" I hear; it is the sweet neighbor ladies daughter. She had walked into my yard, and used recycled my bin. She has used my bin many times, but never met me and wanted thank me for allowing her mom to recycle all these years.

I shared with her the power of the moment that she had walked into. And asked her if I could share the text.

We cried as I read it and she gave me a huge hug. I cannot express how full of love that hug was. It felt so good we did not let go, instead, we held each other and began praying!

Her prayer is hers to share, it was solid and sweet!

Here's mine... it felt so Divine!

"Thank you Jesus, for bringing me this witness! You say when there are three of us, we are a church. We were two, now we are three! And he could not have brought us a better prayer champion!"

All I did was is say sure, you can use my recycling! I'll let the kids know, help yourself. 3 years later, I receive that blessing back 10 fold!

Little did I know, my friend was driving. She was unable to read the texts. Eager to get to a spot where she could call and check on me, she prayed to God for me. She asked that I felt a hug from God himself.

She did not expect for me to literally receive God's Hug. . . God's Hug received by a stranger. That moment of kindness that seemed like a blessing returned 10 fold, instantly becomes a 100 fold blessing!

Had I not shared the little miracle that I received, had I not had the courage to speak from my soul, had I ignored my instinct to share this story with a stranger, I would have never known how intricately our prayers are being answered.

My friend and I once read poetry by candle light in Jr. High., we dreamed of be writers. Now we share our lessons and inspiration with the world. We have been through the thick and the the thin, and our friendship has only grown stronger!

I am lucky to have people in my life that stay forever.

Here is a hug from God to all who love me!

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July, 2023

Gratitude, Gratitude, Love

Earth Tending Crew!

Kristy / Krysta Bell / Krissy Bear


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