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Vision Trips

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Muse Letter - An Endeavor of Love

Vision Trips

I call my vacations 'Vision Trips'.

I gain so much clarity when I step away from my life.

It is such a breath of fresh air to be Me.

Me.. me.

Not mom me, sister me, daughter me, or work me.

It is healthy to look at life and problems from the outside.

I gain so much clarity in my Relationships.

Spending time driving and playing with friends or family.

With nothing else to do but enjoy each others company.

Vison Trips also inspire my relationship with Mamma Earth

as I soak up the new bits of nature!

I like to add some additional bits of inspiration to my Vision Trips by setting an intention when I leave, and watching for animal symbols along the way!

The most amazing thing about setting intentions for your vision trips is that you have so much space to think about solutions and feel inspiration.

It is always a stunning experience to return to life

and watch all of your dreams fall into place!


Krysta Bell

p.s. I am really excited to offer Vision Trips as a service. They have been such a space of growth in my life and I'm looking forward to sharing the experience.

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Table Of Contents:

Gathering Thyme Movement

Angela King with King Realty

Aurora Hill with Dreamscape Consciousness

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Gathering Thyme Movement, 3rd Annual Festival

Angela King with King Realty

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Angela King with King Realty. Realtor to Royalty!

Aurora Hill with Dreamscape Consciousness

Expand your capability for you to respond consciously

and interact harmoniously with all of life.

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Aurora Hill with DreamScape Consciousness. Capability for you to respond consciously and interact harmoniously. Cards and Book!

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Our Calendar of Events

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Earth Rising Sanctuary

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Bear Paw Dark ~ Dark Blend

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Like the giants of the north, this coffee is sure to inspire with its dark, mysterious color and heavy body.

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February, 2023

Gratitude, Gratitude, Love

Earth Tending Crew!

Kristy / Krysta Bell / Krissy Bear


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