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Word of Mouth Marketing Workshop
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Word of Mouth Series consists
of 5 Individual Workshops



 Introductory Pitch

In this workshop we will create or edit your current intro. It is important to be able to introduce your business in less than one minute. When you present your business quickly and clearly it makes it easier for people to recommend your business to others.



Closing Questions

Are they ready to purchase? Have you met their needs? Do they have any questions or doubts? In this workshop we will create or refine three closing questions that are specific to your business needs.



Feedback & Reviews

How do they feel about working with you? Word of mouth only works when your customers enjoy the transaction. In this workshop we will set up a system for requesting feedback and learn how to make adjustments accordingly. We will also create a system for receiving reviews or testimonials.


# 2

Qualifying Questions

Save time & energy by knowing your customers' needs. In this workshop we will look at the needs of your business, evaluate your standards, and options to create or define your qualifying questions.



Closing the Sale

Scripting your closing ensures an easy ordering process as well as a commitment to share any additional info with each customer. In this workshop we will create a closing script & review your ordering process.



Pre-Pay for a Series of 5

$30 / workshop 

$150 for the full series

One-on-One Market Coaching ($30 / half hour)

Schedule a Consultation or One-on-One Meeting

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