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Website Content Marketing Workshop
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Website Content Series consists
of 5 Individual Workshops



Plan & Flow

In this workshop we will create a plan for your current or upcoming website. We will look at what your business has to offer, what you are passionate about, and what is the best layout for your website so it flows easily for your customers.



Content Pages

In this workshop we will create or evaluate your content pages. We will put each piece of content into a promotion that calls your customers to act.



Planning Promotions

In this workshop we will evaluate the needs of your business and create a promotion plan with 4 steps to success. We will find a rhythm and timing that suits your business needs.


# 2

Home Page

Does your homepage paint a clear picture of your services? Is it easy to use and does it call to action? In this workshop we will evaluate the ease and information on your home page and create a plan. 

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Closing Process

In this workshop we will evaluate the process for purchasing or signing up to your services or product. We will verify the ease of the transaction and information.



Pre-Pay for a Series of 5

$30 / workshop 

$150 for the full series

One-on-One Market Coaching ($30 / half hour)

Schedule a Consultation or One-on-One Meeting

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