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Social Media Series consists
of 5 Individual Workshops



Where do they go?

In this workshop we will evaluate or create your first impression on Facebook and or Instagram profiles. Evaluating your business and what your audience needs to see first.



Call to Action Posts

In this workshop we will create a promotion plan that calls your audience to a desired action for your business needs.



Planning Promotions

In this workshop we will evaluate the needs of your business and create a promotion plan with 4 steps to success. We will find a rhythm and timing that suits your business needs.


# 2

Building an Audience

In this workshop we will create or evaluate your businesses branding. We will find creative content that fits your business style and standards so you attract an attentive audience!

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Dancing with the Numbers

In this workshop we will look at the stats from your promotion and learn where and how to adjust the ads for the next round of advertising.



Single Workshop

($75 / 1.5 hour)

(Sale Price $37.50)

Pre-Pay for a Series of 5

Get One Free! ($300)

(Sale Price: $187.50)


One-on-One Market Coaching ($75 / 1 hour)

(Sale Price: $37.50)

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Workshops are held in Post Falls Idaho