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Updated: Nov 30, 2021

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June Sales & Promotions

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$30 on your first Reiki session




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Excited about having a booth at Spirit Rising July 23rd!


Holy Fire Meditation with Himalayan Singing Bowls

2nd Tuesday and Last Friday of the month. 6:30pm

Reiki Share

2nd Friday and 4th Monday of the month. 6:30pm

Spiritual Gathering of Like-Minded Souls

3rd Monday of the month. 6:30pm



All Of Our Inspired Dreamers!

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6/5/21 - Gathering Thyme Ministries

6/5/21 - Mountain View Tree Service

6/6/21 - Jennifer Brown Reiki

6/6/21 - New Leaf Nursery

6/7/21 - Desert Jewels Nursery

6/7/21 - American National Insurance

6/8/21 - Blooming Lotus Hypnosis

6/8/21 - Haley's Sharp & Savvy Arts

6/9/21 - Soul Sprinkles Life Coaching

6/10/21 - Mystical Healing & Training

6/11/21 - Wyld Feather SOUL-utions

6/12/21 - A Spiritual Touch

6/13/21 - Mystic Jade Healing

6/14/21 - Christine Owens Fine Art and Essential Oils

6/15/21 - Gathering Thyme Movement

6/16/21 - HumanWell

6/17/21 - Lakeside Coffee

6/18/21 - Deb Perisian Real Estate

6/19/21 - AngelS VisionS - Kitty Works

6/20/21 - Beacon Ancestry

6/21/21 - A Wee Place In The Woods

6/22/21 - Dragonfly Glass

6/23/21 -

6/24/21 - Connie Ann Vigil Real Estate

6/25/21 - Aunt Debba's Rocks


Thinking About Advertising?

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Each of these views represents a word of mouth, warm lead from my audience. I am proud of myself for creating a marketing campaign that maintains constancy while in the peek season for Earth Tending / Flowerbed specialist. I'm excited to watch this beautiful business grow. (Earth Tending / Inspired Dreamers) Whether I'm talking to a customer, sharing our newsletter, or sharing on social media, I am dedicated to promoting your business! 100 warm leads is more powerful than 1000 cold calls.

Nov: 116 views

Dec: 125 views

January - 190 Views

February - 179 Views

March - 177 Views

April - 203 Views

May - 175 Views

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