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Master Scheduling Series consists
of 5 Individual Workshops



Scheduling as Advertising

When you have a smooth scheduling process, customers enjoy working with you and they are happy to introduce you to their friends as a reliable business to work with. In this workshop we will learn how to easily keep track of all your customers!




Clear and simple communication is key when communicating with multiple customers. In this workshop we will create scripted statements for scheduling, reminders, and follow ups.



Law of Attraction

How do you feel when you work on your schedule? Are you panicked, excited, worried about finances? In this workshop we will learn the power of our emotions and how they affect our finances.


# 2

Scheduling Your Money

In this workshop we will look at your financial needs vs your time commitments. We will create a basic schedule that ensures you have both needs met.




In this workshop we will create a call to action that inspires your client to schedule their next appointment or add them to a repeat schedule. We will also learn the do’s and don’ts if you need to reschedule with a client or a list of clients for the day.



Single Workshop

($75 / 1.5 hour)

(Sale Price $37.50)

Pre-Pay for a Series of 5

Get One Free! ($300)

(Sale Price: $187.50)


One-on-One Market Coaching ($75 / 1 hour)

(Sale Price: $37.50)

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