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Do You Love Plants?
Are You Interested In Starting Your Own Business? 
I Have an Affordable Opportunity That Ends Sept. 15th 2022!
Become a Flowerbed Specialist
Prune / Rake / Pull Weeds / Design / Plant 
For $5,000
- I will Give You 3 Clients to Start Your Route!
(2 Weekly & 1 Bi-Weekly)
- I will Teach You How to Maintain Their Yards.
- And Help You Build a Route With Them.
Maintaining the Flowerbeds! 
I'll meet you on the job and teach you while we work.
5 Sessions = a 45 minute session is $75 = $375 value
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What You Will Learn
- Pruning / Designing / Healing Plants / Amending Soil
- Tricks to Making Weeding Easy
- Managing the Schedule
(For Each Season)
- Tricks for a Smooth Assembly Line System
(For Each Season)
This is Necessary for Retaining The Customer.
I hold These Customers and Their Plants very Dear to My Heart.
Our Customers are Happy to Transition to Someone Else,
especially if they will have some of my one on one Plant Mentoring.
Need More Mentoring? 
I am Happy to Help!  
Sales Training 
We Will Work Side-by-Side to Build a Route
Around the Clients You Purchase.
I have a Slick System I am Happy to Share.
5 Sessions = a 45 minute session is $75 = $375 value
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Need More Mentoring? 
I am Happy to Help!  
Sneak Peak of Clients
Let's Schedule a meeting to see photo's of each route! 
4 routes:  Post Falls / Coeur d'Alene / Hayden 1 / Hayden 2 
3 Clients to Start Your Route With!  
(1) Customer valued at $2,800/yr 
Weekly in the Spring & Fall
Bi-Weekly in the Summer. 
28 Sessions/yr

(2) Customers valued at $900 each/yr
Once a Month   March - November
9 Sessions/yr

Combined annual value for these 3 clients = $4,600
 A Session is Equivalent to $100
Would you love being a flowerbed specialist? 
Invest $5,000 into 
*A Starter Route
*Gardening Instruction
*& Market Coaching. 

Text me today and I will schedule a time to call or meet! 

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