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Inspired Businesses Who Can Help You Reach Your 2022 Goals!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

A Blog That Showcases Inspired Businesses - Happy New Year!

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Thank You

Featured Businesses

Ideas for 2022

Earth Tending Sales

My mantra for 2021 was "Life is good when living your very own dreams!" I feel like I lived up to that and Inspired Businesses is proof of it.

10 years ago I had a magazine, we published writers, artists, and good natured businesses. We called it our Muse Letter. Over the years people still came to me with their inspiration, for advice on marketing, and for recommendations.

Beginning last year I asked "How do I make myself useful to that audience?" This is how Inspired businesses was born and grew throughout the year!

I have enjoyed meeting new people and having a platform for us to work together and build a friendship. I'm especially grateful to have so many friends who have supported my dreams. Feeling lucky and going into 2022 with a new mantra "Happy, Healthy, Young, and Pretty!"

Excited to Launch The Grand Opening of Our New Website!

Happy 2022!

Court of Atonement / Amy Jo Ellis

Resolving Conflicts At The Soul Level!

Click here to check out their website

DreamScape Consciousness / Aurora Hill

Book Coming Soon! Sign Up To Receive Updates!

Click here to check out their website

Beacon Ancestry / Angie Conrow

Beacon Ancestry Is Here To Help!

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Blooming Lotus Hypnosis / Cyndal Wallace

Bloom From Within

You are invited to join us on a call to see if becoming a hypnotist is the right path for you. Whether you feel this as a calling, or you are just curious, either way go to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Click here to check out their website

Reiki / Jennifer Brown

Balance * Calmness * Love

Reiki 1 & 11 Certification - January 29th Saturday - 30th Sunday

Click here to check out their website

Sacred Descent / Chrystall Fae Beitel

Empowering The Healer Within You!

Join Us For Breathwork Journey!

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Inspired Businesses

Healing - Arts - Products & Services - Home & Garden

Talented People Following Their Dreams!

Appreciation Celebration Sale Ends - 02/02/2022

1 year of Advertising for $200 after Sale Ends

Check out all our Inspired Businesses

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Marketing Partner

Campaign Strategy - Ads - Website

Could Your Marketing Use: Feedback, Help, Creation?

We Are Happy To Help!

Appreciation Celebration Sale -

Pre-pay for 9 hours and get the 10th free ($585) and for a Limited time 6 months of advertising as an Inspired Businesses - Ends 02/02/2022

Check out all our Marketing supplies, ready for you!

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Earth Tending


Gratitude Gratitude Love

Kristy / Krysta Bell / Krissy Bear


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