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Trees Are People Too!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Trees Are People Too!

By Krysta Bell

Once there was a girl who was raised at the bottom of a mountain.

Every day she would walk to a

spring and drink from natures fountain.

She would rest in the shade of glorious trees,

they loved to dance and wiggle in the breeze.

She felt as though she could hear their thoughts,

'Oh' the wisdom this idea brought!

Humans called her crazy for plants cannot speak,

they just stand there for no reason.

She realized they did not know,

because they never thought to listen!

She would drive by clear cuts and her soul felt sad.

The death and destruction from an unsympathetic human.

She wondered how the trees in the tree line felt,

how the burning slash piles must have smelled.

This little girl is me,

and I am so proud of who I've been and came be.

As a young adult I met a grove of ancient trees.

I took time every year to visit and pray on my knees,

I always went home with a new sense of strength.

Between God, myself, and ancient wisdom,

I gained a new spiritual health.

I was so angry at humanities wealth and entitlement,

until the day a fire headed for my forest of enchantment.

Humans risked their lives to run sprinklers from the creek,

they flew helicopters, and worked long nights, to save my ancient trees.

After the fire,

I walked through my woods and hugged every surviving tree.

The cedars groaned from their core as they embraced me.

I quieted my mind and listened to

the voice people once called loony.

I realized we all have a part to play in maintaining our forests.

We chop and maim for money,

or stand against all cutting in protest,

but it is our job to maintain balance,

it is the purpose of humanity: maintaining Earths fire hazard frailty.

We can create fire breaks that protect ancient groves and cities.

To breath them in as they exhale,

to love them ...

for they ... they are people as well!

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