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Star Gazing

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

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King Realty's - 2nd Annual Fall Festival

DreamScape Consciousness - Fall Retreat

Inner Spirit

Earth Rising Sanctuary

Coffee of the Month by Lakeside Coffee



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Coeur Beauty Bar

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Blooming Lotus Hypnosis

Blooming Lotus Hypnosis, Visit Them Today!

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2nd Annual Fall Festival

By King Realty

Earth Tending's Spiritual  Mentor, Visit Them Today!

FREE family event Saturday September 9th 4pm - 9pm

Food Trucks, Music, Bounce House, Vendors!

McIntyre Park (Hayden City Park) behind City Hall

8930 N Government Way, Hayden, Idaho

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DreamScape Consciousness

Fall Retreat

DreamScape Consciousness, Visit Them Today!

Are you curious about Dream Analysis, Past Life Cellular Healing, and Personal Symbolism?

​This Retreat is an Intensive Training with Journey work, Dream Analysis, and Past Life Regression Practice for Students at all levels of DSC.

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Inner Spirit

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Earth Rising Sanctuary

Earth Rising Sanctuary, Visit Them Today!

Earth Rising Sanctuary is open to a few people moving.

Are you interesting in living off-grid here in exchange for helping host Healing Gatherings, Music Jams, gardening, helping with other aspects of community who are into healing, healthy food and natural medicines from the earth, music or other arts?

Coffee of the Month

Golden Mountain ~ Light Roast

Lakeside Coffee, Visit Them Today!

Much like being atop Gold Mountain, while drinking this coffee, one could easily find themselves in a state of sublimity. This roast is a blend of African and South American beans and sparkles with a bright acidity and notes of toasted caramel.

God's Hug, July 2023 Muse Letter

Star Gazing

Growing up, I gazed into the sky on the regular.

Around fire pits, on the hood of cars, or tucked into a sleeping bag in the summers night.

It's amazing the thoughts that fill the air when staring into the night sky.

I think it's because there's so much to see. We are gazing into the whole of space! Huge planets appear tiny to us.

And here I am a human life, who seems so small & lonesome.

But at the same time, I'm so much bigger then that!

I fill the night with conversations so deep, so silly, but above all it's a great space for problem solving!

I have a whole life of challenges and celebrations that I pour into the night air!

Especially if I catch a night of free wishes!

I remember imagining all the people in their houses and apartments crowded under the city lights.

And feeling like they were missing out on something amazing.

I remember asking

"What if?"

"What if, everyone, around the world took time to sleep under the stars and moon?"

Maybe, just maybe,

humanity would open their minds..

They may begin to care about life outside of themselves.

They may be more in tune with their life purpose, thus, less likely to kill each other.

To me that sounds like the beginnings of world peace.

See how your thoughts can go from the infinite to humanity and then right back to laying on a blanket with someone I love dearly.

I all those great thoughts, only one thing matters!.

And that is... this moment... with you.

I memorize how we feel under the stars. our laughter, our sparkly eyes. We taste it, we breathe it in, we feel it.

I memorize every bit of it.

So later in life we can journey back to our star gazing friendship.

Like time capsule of emotion that we can draw upon forever.


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August, 2023

Gratitude, Gratitude, Love

Earth Tending Crew!

Kristy / Krysta Bell / Krissy Bear


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